The Times featured our Deep South and Blues trip as one of the best holidays on offer across the Atlantic… Have you seen the price of a croissant on the Continent? Exactly. The time has come to saddle up for the States, land of the (almost) free. Our writer rides out for a roundup of the best holidays on offer across the Atlantic.

The Memphis sound: fancy venturing beyond the Sunshine State and seeing more of Dixie? Love Music Travel (020 7978 0550, offers an eight-night Deep South Jazz and Blues tour from £1,600 , departing in July. Led by local musicians and expert guides, the trip starts in Nashville and wends its way via Memphis down town to New Orlens, stopping off in Beale Street clubs, Sun Studios, the delta’s “blues crossroads”, Graceland and the French Quarter, New Orleans.

As the widely proclaimed ‘Birth place of Rock n Roll’ and ‘House of the Blues’, music traditions run deep in the heart of Memphis… From hip hop to the Delta blues, black gospel, rock, pop and folk, the great diversity of Memphis music has provided strength and excitement to the American music. Memphis is a city where music present everywhere!

Experience the Memphis sound with our USA – Jazz, Blues and Rock n Roll trip


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