Brazilian music overwhelms with passion. It is a simmering mix of heritage from AmerIndian, Portuguese and African sources, meeting global influences and creating a style of music so feverishly intense that it packs dance floors effortlessly. We think it needs to be experienced first hand to be believed.


We will book tables at popular bars, clubs and dance halls, such as ‘new wave’ Bosa Nova fusion bar Vinicius, tap your feet to the polyrhythmic Samba beats at Carioca da Gema and dance the night away at the beautifully restored Centro Cultural Carioca where the most famous names in Brazilian music drop in and perform. Have drinks at Rio’s bohemian hang outs like the old Casa Villarino and Nova Capella and live the real way of life in Rio.


There is no bad time to visit Rio!


The cost of this trip depends on availability, time of year and numbers travelling.

Getting there

Direct flights to Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport

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Spend some time with our highly skilled professional Brazilian dance teachers at Rio Scenariun where they’ll have you shaking your stuff to a live Samba band. Let our local experts guide you to the heart of Rio’s colourful music district to meet the local musicians and play instruments in our Samba workshops. Visit the Sambodromo, the grand stage where the schools of samba compete against each other.

Where To Stay

Samba - Rio Internacional
Rio Internacional
Type: Beachfront
Number of rooms: 117
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Copacabana Palace
Type: Infamous hotspot
Number of rooms: 226
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Samba - Mama Ruisa
Mama Ruisa
Type: Luxurious
Number of rooms: 7
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Samba - Hotel Santa Teresa
Hotel Santa Teresa
Type: Chic Tropical design
Number of rooms: 44
Location: Rio


No trip to Rio would be complete without spending some time on the beaches. Climb the Corcovado peak with its iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, or take the cable car to the top of the landmark Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain) for fabulous views of the city. Rio is simply exhilarating!

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